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I don’t need to ask if you’ve been thinking about the ways of  making money as a student. It comes to the mind of every students. We always want to make extra bucks apart from the one our Parents/Guardians provide. You need money to buy handouts, to pay your hostel rent, to buy data, for your up-keep too but not to buy a Plasma T.V, not to buy Benz oo. Hope am talking to somebody? If you’re a Youth, you have no excuse for not making money as a Student  in Nigeria/School, Time is not an excuse. Plan your time well that’s what make you a youth. There should be time to study and time to hustle, though it’s not easy but try to be a MAN. Please study well and plan your time well because if you score Carry Over due to carelessness which I reject for you all, RealityBlog360 will never be held responsible. I have seen and I know business students who maintain Distinction straight-up, and still maintain their business along, they don’t have two heads sir/ma. Making money as an undergraduate is not a bad idea fella, it’s only bad if you are thinking of illegal ways of making money as a student. I will also advice my fellow students in Higher Institution reading this article to please avoid any illegal way of making money, I won’t  mention them, you know what’s up.
I’ve taken my time to compile together,  many ways of making money as a student in Nigeria. All that is listed will not completely take you out from your academics.
Note: Please try not to misunderstand them and do things wrongly. Put God first, don't forget your primary purpose of schooling, be hardworking and ensure a very good time management.
1.) MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR SKILLS/TALENTS : How do I mean? Let people pay for enjoying the skills God has blessed you with. For God sake nobody is created without having one or more skills/talents. You could have the skill of repairing phones and electronics, very good in drawing, an instrumentalist ? these are just examples. Let me give you an assignment which is: Search yourself, think of what you are good at. Get a Pen and jot them down. After that, print the list of the services you offer on a good paper size and make it attractive. If I were you, I don’t care printing up to 100 pieces, I will paste them on the school walls, notice board and any place you think will get attention of people. If you are passionate about it, you can sell your services online, check freelance websites like fiverr, you will get your clients there, they will pay you in dollars.

2.) HELP RICH LAZY STUDENTS IN DOING ASSIGNMENTS:  Don’t dull yourself, you know you are good academically and you have lazy rich course mates around you, let them know your head is not big for nothing. Use your head well, control the situation based on the inspiration you get. Think about it. You will make good money, yours is to be close to them. Note: Please try to find out if their source of money is legal, if it’s illegal, O.Y.O for you if anything thing wrong comes up. Also make sure that you do their work correctly.

3.) PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS: Though almost everyone is having a smartphone with an A1 Selfie camera, those that don’t have will still borrow but it can’t stop your business. They will surely need your service, students will always take passports, most especially the Freshers, not only passports, even for Birthday Shoots, Shots during special school events etc. Go get a good digital camera and commence.

4.) GRAPHIC DESIGNS: This work requires someone who’s creative and good in designing fliers, artworks etc. Even if you don’t know how to do the work, you can learn it online, on youtube especially, because its completely pratical, also try to meet one or two persons that are into the work, just to teach you the basics and foundation, then try to develop and upgrade your newly acquired skill by practicing and doing research online. Bear in mind that you can’t end learning in Graphic design, it’s just a matter of creativity. If you have this skill, you will earn big, not only from students, from Lecturers, the school management even outside your school, Nigeria and abroad. Why I love this work is that  I don’t need to contact my clients physically. We will chat online(gmail or whatsapp) and I will send your work online too. Imagine your Lecturer gives you a contract which is to design the front cover of the book he is about to sell to over 500 students. There are many money making opportunities in this field.

5.) ONLINE REGISTRATIONS/ PRINTING /PHOTOCOPY (ROOM CAFÉ) : You have a Laptop and all you do with it is to watch latest movies right? Sorry oo! With your system in your single room, you can do the work of a Cafe, you can help students in doing Course Registrations, open portals, apply for admission, browse assignments questions, anything that requires internet connection, do it for them and collect your money.  About the printing too, just get a small office printer, as you are typing on microsoft word, browsing informations on internet, you will be able to print them out. Your work will be complete. By the time you start this work, I expect you to make good profits, control your expenditures, and happily buy a Photocopy machine for expansion of the business. I hope that's a good idea.

6.)  ORGANIZE TUTORIAL SESSION FOR YOUR COURSE MATES: If you are very sound in any course, surely your course mates will know that, but incase they don’t know, don’t hide it, try to build self confidence and organize tutorials, meet with them(those that are lacking behind) and make arrangements, I mean the time and amount to charge. Do it wisely and don’t focus on the money but aim at giving your students the best you can.

7.) ORGANIZE PRIVATE LESSONS AT HOME : This is referring to primary and secondary school students, it depends on your choice, you can also take children in nursery schools too. Try to also create awareness such as posters in places that grabs attention and ensure that you are ready to give the students your best not just aiming at the money only. If your target is the money only, you won’t last doing this work, have it in mind that the Parents are expecting to see improvements in their wards.

8.) PAINTING : This work is lucrative, some freshers resuming school will want the service of a Painter to give the room a good look, even your fellow students living off Campus may need your service, yours is to make yourself available. Make arrangements with them, work and collect good money. Ensure that you do a good work that will make your clients refer you to people, learn new pattern of designs, be creative and unique so you can stand out among the multitude.

9.) DISC JOCKEY SERVICES : If you love listening to music, Nigerian secular songs especially, just go on internet and download Virtual DJ software, there are several versions/types. Just download a good one and learn how to use it. You can get help from Pro. Djs or youtube videos. The work is lucrative, it becomes highly lucrative when you are good and you become popular. I’ve once offered this service to my neighbour whose child wanted to celebrate a birthday party. I didn’t even bargain the amount to be paid; Why? I enjoy such work. 

10.)  MC/COMEDIAN : Can you speak without fear? Can you crack jokes? Do you have self confidence ? If yes is your answer to all, I will suggest you start practicing how to anchor programs. Start practicing with less crowd. You can learn by attending ceremonies, seeing for  yourself how it’s been done and also meeting other MCs/Comedians. You will make very good amount of money if you are good, you make more when you become popular, with connection, you will become the next A.Y.

11.) COMPUTER AND PHONE MAINTENANCE /CONSULTANT : These are for those people you call Computer Guru. One can also make good money from this skill, the services includes phone repairs, flashing, upgrading of windows operating system etc. People will also consult you for several related purposes like what type of Laptop to buy and reasons to buy it. 

12.) LEARN A SKILL/ HANDWORK : Think of the handwork you have interest in, you can learn it before gaining admission to the University or if you are already a student, you can learn it during Semester break periods or during ASUU Strike period, LOL. For ladies let me suggest tailoring, hair dessing, Facial Make Up too is good but it’s now over populated, bead making and so on. There are good handwork too I didn’t mention. You can suggest that in the comment box below this post. Whatever you learn should be of help to you financially in school. Develop yourself.

13.) ONLINE AFFILIATE MARKETING : I will write an article about this post so you can fully understand it as there are lot of fake platforms. You will work, waste your time and data, yet you won’t get paid. I will advise you to bookmark this page because I will come up with an article about it and update this post. I will drop a link. Incase you can’t wait, make research well about the affiliate marketing you want to involve in so you won’t enter one chance.

14.) WEB DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT : This is my favourite means of making money online. I prefer it than blogging. You can learn this online and also by meeting people who are into it, but it will take you time except you are passionate about it, you won’t know that it’s consuming your time. The work is highly lucrative especially when you work for companies and big organisations. You charge high price, do a perfect job and receive your PAPER. You will receive clients both in school, outside school and abroad. You need a website, quickly click  here to hire me or Contact me.

15.) BLOGGING : Blogging is among the surest ways of making money online. If you work hard, you will get well paid in foreign currency. It’s highly lucrative. The secret to make it in blogging like Linda Ikeji is to have passion for it. Think of a niche you love and you are interested in, create a blog and start posting rich and quality contents. You need a blog and you don’t know how to go about it or you have one and it has issues? Quickly Contact us today lets get that done perfectly for you.

16.) TRADING: You can also become a Trader. Think of what you can sell/trade in your school that will make profits. Be it soft drinks, clothes, non-perishable foods etc.

17.) SELL PAST QUESTIONS: Finally, if you’ve been disposing your Exam Question papers before, put an end to that habit. You can photocopy several copies and neatly compile them. Make awareness and begin to sell them to students. You know how important it is, students will surely patronize you.

Is there any sure way of making money as a student that I didn't include? Please drop your contributions/ideas in the comment box below,whatever you think should be added to this article. I will update the post. Thanks for reading. Good Luck to you all, wishing you a happy New year with Sufficient Funds!

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