For you to read this article, it means you have a phone or Computer System. But let me ask you this : Have you ever made a dime from your Smart phone or Computer System? If your answer is No, it means you are in the dark, welcome to the light which is this article you are about to read. Some people are just ignorant thinking there are no ways to make extra money online working from home, while some think that blogging is the only way (theirs is even better). Please don’t be ignorant. With God by your side and hardwork, you can be a self employed Multi – Billionaire working online legally, it’s not until you get a white collar job. The equipments you need for your online success is what some of you already have: a smart phone with at least 2gb Ram, a Laptop, Modem for internet connection and Power supply all available in your bedroom, that’s all. Nobody is asking you to go and rent a shop or office. Some people have powerful smart phones but theirs is only for selfie and social media, they can maintain their social media profiles than some bloggers, it’s not as if they are Models. I just hope this article will cure the ignorance of some people today.
Not all online making money programs are real, most of them are fake. I love all my blog visitors and subscribers, because of that, I took my time to research and compile the sure ways to make extra money online working from home which are:

1.) FREELANCING : This means to work as a FreeLance. A Freelance is someone who sells his services to employers without a long-term contract. You can sell your services online via freelance websites. You will get lot of clients there. Some of the services you can sell includes:

Graphics Design(Logo,artworks etc)
Writing : This refers to writing an article for someone on a particular niche, you will be paid based on your negotiations. You can make arrangements with your clients on how you want to run it. It could be two naira per word in an article, so an article of 1000 words will be sold out for two thousand naira. Just giving an example.
Web design/development
You can sell whatever skill you have on Freelance websites but bear in mind that you’ve got to be good in whatever skill you are trying to market.

Before you ask me, here are some of the freelance websites: and so on.
 You will find on every blogs that FreeLance is among the top ways to make extra money online working from home since you can be a part time Freelancer and still combine it with your offline work.

2.) AFFILIATE MARKETING : This platform involves referring people to buy goods online from a particular company  by sharing your unique link obtained from the particular company so you can earn a commission. If you have a website, you can place banners of different sizes on it. Your website’s audience will be able to click on it, thereby redirecting them to the company’s website to purchase whatever they want. Even if you don't have a website, you will be given a link which you will share to buyers on social media. Examples of Companies that run this type of program includes JumiaKonga, JijiAmazon etc. Visit the sites I mentioned and check the affiliate program button. Click on it and follow the instructions you see there.

3.)  BLOGGING : Blogging is a sure way to make more money online. If you work hard, you will be well paid in foreign currency. I know people that quit their full time work to become a full time blogger, working from home. It’s highly lucrative. The secret to make it in blogging like Linda Ikeji is to have passion for it. Think of a niche you love and you are interested in, create a blog and start posting rich and quality contents. There are many ways to make many from blogging. Bookmark this page because I will update this post with a link on many ways to make money from blogging. You don’t know how to create this blog or you have one and it has issues? Click here to contact us today lets get it done perfectly for you.

4.) SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT : This involves managing a company’s online presence such as posting fresh contents and replying comments or  customer’s complain  on their facebook page or any of their social media or website regularly. You can also work for celebrities too or anyone that doesn’t have time for social media. This work pays alot. You can visit big organizations along with your resume to apply for this kind of work. Make sure you dress and speak well so you can look Professional. Depending on how the work goes, if the one you get is not demanding everyday, you can combine it with your full time work, it’s among the best ways to make extra money online working from home.

5.) SELL GOODS ONLINE : You can sell anything online, I mean anything that people will crave to have. People will surely buy it, even if you don’t have, you can buy from the manufacturer and resell it. Things like Phones, accessories and so on. You can sell on the above mentioned affiliate marketing sites.

6.) APP DEVELOPMENT : You are a genius in programming and you’ve been making intelligent android applications just for fun, giving it out for free, it’s like you don’t know the worth of your skill. You can make good money out of this by publishing your app on playstore for users to download. Sign up for Google’s admob program, display ads on your app. You make money when people click or view the adverts on your app. You can also make apps from big Firms like MTN, churches, Schools etc. You will make millions out of this if you are hardworking. 

7.) PHOTOGRAPHY : You are a genius in taking photographs with your digital camera at any angle, even in water, Lol. You just love taking shots of nature, people, whatever. It’s time you make extra money online out of this. You can sell your pictures online either by:
a.) Sell your photographs on websites like ShutterstockPexels etc. : You will earn commissions from the company when people visits the site and purchase your photographs.
b.) Create a self hosted e-commerce website. If you can’t, I recommend that you pay a web designer to do it or hire my affordable service too. Display your beautiful photographs on your site. Users will visit your site and purchase photographs, paying directly to your account via the payment medium that best suits them such as Paypal, Mastercard etc.

8.)  WEB DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT : This is my favourite means of making money online. You can learn this online and also by meeting professionals who are into it, but it will take your time except you are passionate about it. Contact us today for Website design/development PDFs that will teach you perfectly. Web design is highly lucrative especially when you work for companies and big organisations. You charge high price, do a perfect job without complain and receive your MONEY. You will get clients both in Nigeria and abroad.

9.) WRITING AND SELLING EBOOKS : Write a comprehensive ebook about a niche you know too well, you have interest in and you are good at. Give the cover a 3D design to make it attractive. Sell it on top online stores like Amazon and also encourage readers to give positive review so it shows up higher in results. Also promote it on your social media channels to enable your friends know about it. You will earn a big amount from this. This work is best for writers and not someone who is just writing for money only.

These are the sure ways to make money online working from home. You don't need transport to go to any office. You are your own Boss, you won't say yes sir to anybody. Select the one that suits you.

Do you think there are other sure ways to make extra money online working from home which I didn't include? Please drop your contributions/ideas in the comment box below, whatever you think should be added to this article. I will update this post. Thanks for reading. Good Luck to you all, wishing you a happy New year with Sufficient Funds!

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