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You shouldn’t just be spending all the money you get. If you do, a time will come when you will be left with nothing in your pocket and bank account. It’s important to save and invest so you will be able to get more money in return and also to secure your future. Here are the 3 things to invest in. If you won’t invest in all of them, please make sure you do that of number one which is to invest in yourself.

1.) INVEST IN YOURSELF : You need to invest in yourself, most especially children and youths. It’s an intelligent decision to make in order to keep your future secured. It is the greatest investment ever. For the youths, having a complete University education is a compulsory investment to make even if you don’t have parents, you should try all possible ways to earn a University degree. Education is the bedrock to human development and also the key to success. If you want to be an illiterate in a country like Nigeria, there are chances that you may be poor in life.

Some few business people don’t invest in themselves, they don’t even have time to learn new things, some are not even aware that they can promote their business on social media. We need to develop ourselves, learn new ways of doing and improving business, learn other type of businesses and not just sitting on one. We also need to cultivate the habit of reading. All the information we need to be successful are at our fingertips and many are not aware. Of what use is the internet to you? You can make lots of research online about whatever you want to know. You can also meet successful business people to learn how they invest and where they invest. If you feel you need training about entrepreneurship or more about career, there are conferences you can attend. Do not expect everything to be free from the government, even if they ask for few bucks, don’t hesitate to pay because you will learn a lot apart from earning a certificate.

2.) LAND/BUILDINGS : When suggesting things to invest in, you should not forget to invest your money in properties related to Lands like houses, stores and so on, because it’s value never depreciates(reduce in value), rather it appreciates(increase in value). You will earn huge money in return as your profit when you invest in several land properties and buildings. As far as your properties are in existence, you will be earning good money without doing any physical working exercise. You can build houses for rentage in areas where the demand is high such as areas around Schools, Universities etc. You will gain a lot when tenants start paying rents. You may not be financially buoyant to start up this but you can invest in it when you are. Also do not forget to insure it. The more you invest, the richer you become.

Things to invest in, invest in yourself, What to invest in, What should i invest in, return on investment , investment calculator , investment banking

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3.) TRANSPORTAION : This is also among the lucrative things to invest in, though it requires huge capital to start because you must own at least a vehicle to invest in it. It’s not compulsory that you will be the Driver, if you have ten transport vehicles, you won’t drive all at the same time because you can’t. What you will do is to look for a trust worthy driver and have paper agreements/signatures with him, that’s all. You will earn more from this depending on the size of your investment in it.

It’s good you’ve gotten idea about what to invest in. So I’ll advice you to plan how you spend, try to invest so you can have a secured future. You can also research more on things to invest in, to have more ideas but it’s not everything you will invest in and it’s not everyone you will asking questions like, What should I invest in? There are qualified and trained Entrepreneurs who can teach you what to do and how to go about it but it may cost you money. The last time I logged into  Nairaland, I saw a question which was, what to invest in with a million naira or more I guess? I saw several irrelevant answers which I would never dare. So just be careful so you won’t be scammed like someone I know. 

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