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It’s good you found yourself on this page as I will be letting you know that there are several ways of making money as a blogger. Google Adsense is not the only way of making money from your blog as most newbie bloggers think. Jide of Ogbonge blog will say, it’s a lazy man’s way to earn money from blog. So if you are thinking of  how to make money through blogging apart from Adsense, its possible, you are not making a mistake. There is money in blogging, although have it in mind that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes consistent hardwork to make it in blogging, you can also think of other creative ways to earn money from blog apart from the ones I listed below. This article is specially for those new bloggers that are too eager to get Adsense approval, not knowing that Google Adsense is for top authority blogs, if you are not yet getting thousands of traffic to your website, I will advice you to work on getting thousands of visitors to your blog, because you can’t make money from Google Adsense with low number of visitors to your blog. So read the following carefully so you can tell Google Adsense that you can do without them. Kindly drop your comments below if there is any point you think I omitted or whatever.
1.) PAY PER CLICK PROGRAM : There are lots of Pay-Per-Click programs to earn money from, but the most popular and reliable one is Google Adsense. You get paid when users visit your website and click on advert banners. A single click may be 3-5 dollars, it may be lesser and higher in some cases. For your blog to be approved for this program, it has to meet Google Adsense Program Criteria which I believe professional websites have met. Also to make large amount of money from this program, you need high traffic (large number of visitors) daily. Most or all top professional websites earn money from blog through adsense and other PPC programs. The more traffic, the more you earn; no traffic, no approvement, not to talk of earning.
2.) BLOGGING TUTORIALS : With your knowledge as a blogger, How can you make money from blogging? You can  by teaching others who have interest in blogging. Make sure you have the idea as an expert. Just create awareness and make arrangements with your students that wants to learn blogging. You can run a small scale by asking students to come with their Laptops or Smart phones, you can also run a large scale by renting a Computer classroom or CafĂ© with Internet access.

3.) Sponsored Content on Social Media : You can accept sponsored posts from big companies, sharing them on your blog’s social media channels. Some companies may not notice your blog so it’s advisable to propose to them. You charge a good amount depending on the size of your audience.

4.) BLOG ADMINISTRATION : This refers to writing and publishing fresh niche based contents for bloggers who don’t have time to update their blog or bloggers who need several admins. You earn largely from this work especially when you are working for several bloggers.
5.) SALES OF DIGITAL PRODUCTS ON YOUR BLOG: Digital products includes:
·         Ebooks
·         Blog templates, plugins.
·         Online courses/tutorials            
·         Video courses
You can sell the ones created by you or that of other authors so you earn commission for each sale. It’s better to sell what’s related to your blog’s niche in terms of ebooks marketing. You can’t be a business blogger selling health niche ebooks to your business blog audience, you need to target the audience you are selling to boost sales. It helps to know what your readers want. Make sure whatever you are selling is well packaged and designed to attract clients.

6.) SELL ADVERT SPACE ON YOUR BLOG : You can sell advert space to big organizations who are willing to pay. It’s easy to run and one of the best ways to earn money from blog. You just negotiate the price and they will choose the location they want their banners to be placed on your blog. It could be the header, footer or middle of blog posts. The good thing is that you will be paid regularly as the company will have to renew it, either weekly or monthly. Bear in mind that you need traffic to attract big firms in buying advert space on your blog. Nobody will place advert on a blog with just 2 page views per day.

7.) AFFLIATE MARKETING : This platform involves referring people to buy goods online from a particular company by sharing your unique link obtained from the particular company so you can earn a commission. Since you have a blog, you can place banners of different sizes on it. Your website’s audience will be able to click on it, thereby redirecting them to the company’s website to purchase whatever they want. Examples of Companies that run this type of program includes JumiaKonga, JijiAmazon etc. Visit the sites I mentioned and check the affiliate program button. Click on it and follow the instructions you see there.

8.) PROMOTE YOUR SERVICES ON YOUR BLOG : So you are good in developing websites, graphics design, video editing etc and you just keep it to yourself when you have a blog. Let me wake you up, its time you  attractively list your services on your blog, place them in a good location that will catch the eyes of your blog readers. You can see a good example on my blog’s footer location.

How do bloggers make money? Can you make money blogging? How to make money through blogging? People do ask  me this twisted questions till today both online and offline, I hope I have now provided an answer to these questions.

Let me use this medium to advice all writers out there: Instead of publishing hard copy books only, create a blog today, publish quality contents on it and start earning money from it since you already have the passion for writing. You will surely make it big since you have interest.

Do you think there are other sure ways to make earn money from blog which I didn't include? Please drop your contributions/ideas in the comment box below, whatever you think should be added to this article. I will update this post. Thanks for reading. Good Luck to you all, wishing you a happy New year with Sufficient Funds!

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