pandemics has disrupt so many aspect of our lives, so we need to do we adjust? this is a valid question we must ask ourselves ...there are several ways we still can make money, even at d comfort of our homes..I have complied a few of very helpful things that can  bring in more money for us, these difficult  time..

1.Forex Trading

Forex Trading involves the buying and selling of currency pairs. The overall idea of how it works is; buying a currency pair when the base currency is gaining more value and selling the currency pair when the base currency is losing out on value. So take for example; a currency pair of say; NGNP/USD – that is nigeria naira vs United State Dollar. The NGN in this example is the base currency while USD is the counter currency. If the NGN is gaining more strength than the USD, then you place a “BUY” trade. With that, you tend to make money as the value keeps increasing, and this increase/decrease happens every seconds so much the market is live. Same thing with “SELLING” the trade if NGN is losing value. Now, you get to know when a currency pair is likely to lose or gain value with the help of pre-installed indicators on the trading platform. While these indicators can be right at times, some times they are wrong as well as the market conditions are determined by several factors.
Forex Trading is interesting to get into but then there is a general rule of law to trading Forex that almost every expert will tell you and that is – Don’t Be Greedy and Don’t Trade with Emotions. always follow the trends..


The second extra income stream we want to look into, this lock-down period is Blogging.
Truth is, this requires a lot of time and recognition before you can start making money with it but I’m going to show you how to speed things up and start earning faster than you can think of.First and foremost, you don’t want to start blogging like everybody and by that I mean, you don’t want to be generic, like creating a news blog or an entertainment blog or name it. NO!!!!You want to be very specific and focused!Now, instead of creating a sport Blog, I want you to focus on creating a blog for a particular sport. You can create a blog specifically for baseball ,hockey or basketball name it. just like the blog you are reading from now


Video is being the most consumed content right now, I mean, you can see almost everyone making videos and posting on TikToks,viskit,Instagram and thriller.. this is just a good time for  vlogging.But then you can go a step further to commercialising your video content by creating a YouTube channel and monetising it.Having a YouTube channel isn’t difficult. In-fact with a gmail account you’re already entitled to a YouTube account and channel.You want to start populating your channel with consumable content, by that I mean content that people are obviously hungry for. Now that you’re home, this is the best time to start that cooking channel on what you’re interested in.

4. Affiliate marketing

this lock-down period, you want to focus on affiliate marketing that deals with digital products only. Yes, you know quite well there are affiliate marketing for physical products, and this will require distribution and all that, but now that most businesses are shut down, you want to focus on ‘affiliating’ digital products. Platforms to get on with that are; Jvzoo, Warrior plus, Clickbank, Expertnaire, Web Hosting Sites, etc. You want to quickly do a search on each of them.There are various niches on these platforms ranging from Make money niche to Health, to Sport, etc. You first want to decide on the niche you want to play-in, then build a list around people interested in that niche and then you start marketing to them. there are so many more, you can also share with us, some others you feel should be in this list.. have a good day and stay safe
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