Money, some people says, it make the world 
go round, some people chase it tirelessly, some people speak about it, some have it, some do not have it. money do not  care about your self esteem, your religion, your  bacground or whom you are. Its either you have it or you dont. your either making money or you are spending money. its possible you are making and spending money at thesame time. people do not know that,certain law governs the creation of money. So today, we will  discuss with you 10 of those rules.

Money doesn't change people.
Most people would say, money has changed these person, permit me to correct that notion. Money doesn't change people. Money shows whom people really are. It brings to limelight their true character which is hidden or dormant. If you are an asshole b4 you make money, when u make money ,you are still an asshole,inshot you might be worst. Money just gives you room to explore due to availability of resources to do what ever you want to do.

Do not spend money you haven't earn..

This is the reason why most people never escape poverty, people borrow money to buy things they dont even need or can't  afford at that moment. They tend to sacrifice their future for the present. People overspend on things thy can not afford. There are playing catchup with the present,so there waste time to move into the future.

3 Never chase the papers,instead be the money magnet

You all know what I mean by papers right?(lol)...This law can be devided into two part

never chase money.

When you chase money,money runs away from you,its like the hide and seek game,no ody loves to be when you are the chaser,money keeps running away.

Be the money magnet.

These aspect is about been valuable for your self,  base on your skills.The more valuable you become as an individual, the more people would need you to solve their problems. So people chase the money for you ,then bring it to you to, for solving their problems. All you do , is get cash 4 your skills. There is a different between consumers of value and creators of value. one spends the other create.

Invest time before money

If you ask most people, why haven't you started,?.there will say money. But most people dont really know that time is more valuable  than money. It takes you seven years to build a bussiness from the skrach,it takes you 10 if you are not so smart and takes you 5 years of you have capital. it still balls down to time. so the earlier you start the better,the eailer you get there.but lots of people dont understand these..they throw large potion of their time playing video games nd on Netflix, while thy can develop themselves with that time.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

Learn build,enjoy and teach others. in live we keep learning to develop  ourselves..the moment  you stop learning, you start dieing. if you wana make money ,you have to learn on the ways money is been need to practice making money,until you are really good at making money.its like learning a piano,you put enough time into it,until u grow at it..every skills in life follows the same principles.first you learn, then you remove the L and its turns to earn. learn the fundamentals and build on are living on the best time to learn more than ever was.

6 Never be a slave to the master

Nobody wants to be slave. But the way these society works these days ,we are enslaving ourselves. Since the creation of these entity called debts, it has enslave so many. The moment you borrow money, your life ain't longer yours. It belongs to the creditors. You earn large amont of your money for them. what other slavery is greater than that?

7 Seduce money,do not let money seduce you

Never let money seduce you, money is slippery, its trickery and can be dangerous, Money has the power  to entice you with good things of life,luxuries and ofcourse  who doesn't like good things of life?. The moment you fall to that temptation or give in to its tricks, it slips away from you.we have seen it with people that was once rich, but later became broke.

8 Money doesn't  grow on trees,you have to plant seeds.

Money doesn't just develop or grow. money is like planting a seed,you have to nurture it,
care for it, water it, then it grows. before you begin to reap the trees means investments, and seeds means have to plant your ideas through investments to make yourself more money.

Do not let money get bord..

You might wonder what it means for money to get bord.I will explain. For example. If you keep 1 thousand dollars under your pillow  for 5 yrs, after five yrs the value of that money is decreased because,there have been a change in so many things, standard of living,prices of goods etc. So always spread out money, so it can come back to you.

10 Spend less than you earn.

One way to keep the money flowing in,is spending less. Do a budjet, get stuffs that are necessary. For instance, if you earn 1000 euro, if it's possible you should spend half then save half.what am saying in excess is, spend lesser than you more.

Thank you so much for your time,always remember to practice  all these laws and I assure you,your on your way to becoming a billionaire in no time. Feel free to drop us a comment.