2020 has not been so far the  year we wished for. As we all know, corona virus which we all know as the Covid 19, has affected  so many things, raging  from our lifestyles,to our businesses, our healthcare cannot be excluded,  and so much more. Analyst would argue that things would never go back to normal.,of which they have a point..So, if things cannot  go back to noramncy , then what will be the fate of businesses during and after this pandemic.?
Let me say this, "bad situation, also has good advantages embedded in it".,so therefore,  we will be discussing  the positive and negative fate of businesses   during and after the pandemic. Without wasting time, let's spring into action.

1. Massive lost of employment

we all know due to the impact of the pandemic, there will be negetive impact on the economy globally. These might  result to global  retrenchment  of workers by governments during and after the pandemic. In other to keep up with the fight against covid 19  financially  and  to recover from covid19. Lots of people might have to be fired to reduce cost. Individual  coopreations and companies too wouldnt be different..when revenues are affected, salaries cannot be paid. most company would find it difficult to run their own affairs the way thy normally do, when things were normal..
Note, If you work for a company or the federal government, make sure you are looking for other means of income. I am not saying such would happen.,but you need to prepare for it,incase it does  happen .so you
wouldnt get stranded. Just an advice .

2 Alot of opportunity and money would flow on the internet

Initially, before the pandemic, most stuffs are done online,people buy and sell online, people teach people online, people work online.. Guess what , pandemic  just made it bigger. People now do lots of things on the internet. The web has  become a great and indispensable tool in our generation..So I think it is safe to say, the internet  has made life easier for us..Now that there is pandemic, and we are still stuck at home(qurantine). The internet  has already been incorporated into our lives style .For instance, since we cannot go out, to get what we want ,all we need to do is order them online, we pay for them online and its delivered to us at our door step. These has made things easier in this hard time.,so even after pandemic, most people would still continue..I mean,why Go to a store  when I can order what ever I want from the store from my house and it will be delivered  to me in my house.


3 Restructuring by company owners and

Now most people will say, they cannot wait for things to be normal again. well, I am telling you now that things cannot be normal again.The world has changed and we have to learn to accept  the change. Now some business owners and company owners are already brainstorming, thinking of ways their businesses  can adopt to these change. Before the pandemic, those that regularly travel for meetings ,would now know, that  they  wouldn't  have to travel for meetings anymore, they can now hold meetings online,on their mobile phones or computers, with apps tools such as  Skype,zoom,whatsapp etc.Those that their businesses almost crashed,because it has to do more with people physically present, would be thinking about ways to transform their business. Since people are now quarantined..For instance,those who own a restaurant wouldnt be so happy right now, something for those that own a gym house. They would desperately need ways to keep been relivant..little  restaurants and gyms who ain't too buoyant financially  might have even crashed. Business  owners
would  have to restructure their mode of operation to stay alive.

4 Boom in technology

Technology  has always been a big aspect in today's world .Businesses by now should have learnt the need to go digital. we are already observing changes in business  aspect and in the world generally..Today we can name alot of business owners and companies that doesn't  have a specific location or outlet. All they do is ,run their buisnesses online.
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube has been a bedrock of successful brands...While these rock has set foundation  for many businesses, it has also create employment for so many. It has been a tool for communication and interaction between friends. How can I forget entertainment..Technology is a big tool presently, invest in it for it is what makes
the world go round.

5 competition

You all will agree with me, people are home , presently, thinking  on how they will survive and what would their new mode of living be..Now when over 70 percent of people are thing alike, then we all would be left with one option. "entrepreneurship".
So therefore , there would be lot of people going  into one thing..therefore causing strong competition..For instance,if you decide  to go into fashion, alot of people are thinking that too..,if you are thinking about drop shipping, well alot of people are thinking  about it too. So the person with better packaging  skills and strategy earns more..
These are just few, feel free to comment and add to the list.Now these article  is to give u an idea of what the world is right now and how it will become after pandemics, in bussiness aspect
We will be talking about packaging in our next article..you would like it . I hope this article is of help to you, as you adjust to the definite change pandemics has brought to the world. Thank you for your time.#staysafe.