what are liabilities ? these key word is something we need to understand  before going any further. liabilities, are those things that doesnt add value to us,instead there take from us. liabilities  ain't neccesarily monitary. It could be physically, mentally, psychologically etc.There are things we need to avoid at our 20s,if we fail to avoid them and we end up falling a victim  to them, we might end up been poor or struggle with our finances. Out of so many things we should avoid doing in our 20s, we have compiled a list of three(3) important  ones.

1 wasting your time on unimportant things.

Time they say is precious, and it waits for nobody. Time wasting  is pretty  bad for an individual . Although there are so many distractions these days  that could tempt people from making good use of their time, but people should know,that these times are delicate time of their lives and must be taken seriously.Lets face it,people whom are poor today,are poor because thy didnt cherish their time or invest it in the right thing..I am not saying everyone who's poor, didnt cherish their time, but it's fair to say high number of people are poor because they didnt invest their time wisely. Time can be ones greatest investment  and could also be ones greatest liability..hence, time can make and mar your life..Its advisable you stop investing your time in gossips,movies,entertainment,useless arguements etc..because there could mar your life financially..invest your time solely into 
things that will profit you immensely..

2.Expecting too much from others..

Most people are always dependent on other people financially. while you are at your 20s , you are vibrant, stronger,zealous etc.you are expected to stand up for your self and work harder. Nobody is responsible for you. learn to understand the facts that you are responsible for yourself. stop expecting too much from people. Ofcourse nobody is anybody without people,but learn to build yourself, so incase people you depend ain't available, you would'nt find it hard. most people complain and blame other people and the government  for their financial crises.the earlier you understand how things work, the better for you..Expecting too much from people is  liability  to you and wastage of time and life. I am not saying external wealth aint important,all am saying is, depend  more on yourself incase you get zero help from people. You are still very young,learn to be independent, to be dependent upon,not to depend on anyone.

3 Working hard for degree and working for the money

growing up,people said getting a university  degree is very important and making alot of money from job is key. Ofcourse,this is true and right..But when you try so hard to go to school,without getting anything from it , becomes nothing. so why then try so hard going to a university  for a degree, spending lots of money and when you are done, you do not have any job or a good job...why not get a neccessary skills that will make you reach at the long run...ofcourse you know having a degree doesn't determine  your financial status. Many people who are billionaires today are either drop out or didnt even go to college at all.

working for a pay
let me explain these with an illustration..if there are two companies one is a billion  dollar company and the other is just a little company, that is just growing, and you got an offer for a job from both companies, which would you choose?. Everyone would accept the offer from a billion dollar company.But here is the thing, a billion dollar company  turns you to a work machine, you will be  paid well,but you will have to work your ass out for that pay. while the little company might not pay you well ,but you are showed how a company is been built through passion and hard work, teaches you how decisions are made and gives you room to grow with them..The billion dollar company  cannot give that to you.Some people are millionaires today,because they joined the company they worked for,when it was still growing.
Finally  ,investing in a degree and working soly for the pay is not key,..although its important, but it might ruin your time and your chances in making wealth at your early age. wasting time on non profitable things, is liability, too much expectations  of things from people is bad for your mental and financial growth.Thank you so much for your time.feel free to drop a comment.