According  to self made millionaire,  Steve talbots,building wealth is a learnable skill. individuals who has been able to gather wealth wasnt born with that ability, instead thy stood up and learnt it.we have gathered some risk individuals must be ready to take before thy can be wealthy..

1 stepping into new zone

stepping into an unfamiliar  zone is very scarey, but it is paramount  to your success, you may set goals,but if u ain't willing to stretch yourself,you wouldnt be able to achieve some goals,the biggest  obstacles  between you and your goal is your comfort  zone..moving to a non familiar  zone has to do with much courage,you cannot build wealth in your comfort  zone.

You must risk been called a failure

Do you know that the inventor of the light bulb, failed a thousand time,before finally inventing the light bulb.Do you also know Microsoft's founder dropped  out of school and also failed his data idea examinations..the reason why most people ain't successful is that they dream big,but too scared to take risk involved. When people see a rich person, all they see is the glamour,nevertheless, there are lots of failures and risk..Billionaire  Richard Branson  says,"successful entrepreneurs dont fear failure,but they learn from it. Therefore  if you w1nt to creat wealth you must risk been called a failure or failing.

3 you must take the risk of Standing alone

chosing your dreams can be isolating, discouraging ,hard and risky..You might have to feel hatred from jealous  friends and family members you might also be faced with difficult  task of staying away from is always easier to follow the crowd,and do what everyone does..but what everyone does is not what you need to be wealthy you must follow the less crowded place.

4 you must risk getting use to been uncomfortable

in other to get the life you want,you must do things that you have never done before..lots of people tend to get too comfortable  in their early years,whereas it's a time to familiairze them self with discomfort..Ofcourse  no one likes to be uncomfortable,yet it is an important part to wealthy..getting comfortable with discomfort gives you an edge to make wealth.

Letting go of relationships 

this is one of the most important risk you must learn to take.If a person's impact is not seen in your life,you need to walk away in other to be productive need to work with positive  individuals not pessimists, those that will discourage you..Another people you should aviod are people who will give you fish,but wont show you how to catch fishes.Relationships with such people are toxic.,it makes you lazy and dependent.. Take the risk of killing the unproductive  attachment you have with people.

6 Starting over.

imagining getting to the top of a building and you discovered you are not supposed to even be on that building,..would you go to the bottom to start again?..On the surface,starting again is easy, but in reality, considering the resources, energy and time invested in climbing the building,one might give up
 The reason people are not rich is that ,there are either on a wrong building , or on the foot of the right structure. Starting again comes with some fears such as,
a Do I have the resources to start allover
b what if I start again and discover am on the wrong building again
these fears are legit but there is need for people to understand that it's ok to make mistakes..The fear of making another mistake should not stop you from making another mistake..If you want to be rich, you must take risk of  retraceing yourself from scratch. 

7 Forgoing present pleasure 

most people trade their today for their future..why forfit your desire to own a jet in future because of some present pleasures...why not invest today, so you can enjoy tommorow..although it's never easy,but trust me,it worth the stress...billionaires invest, invest and invest again...have you ever ask yourself  these questions, why do billionaires rearly go to events,wears expensive cloths it because they cannot afford it..?no , ofcourse they can...but it's because they do not need to waste money...they need to keep follow their steps and do what they do..I hope you have learnt  something...feel free to comment below...