As a Blogger, here are some of the services I render to clients home and abroad. So let me help you get results by working with you. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US FOR BUSINESS. Our services includes:

BLOG DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT: I can help you create a blog with your choice of design, layout and features. There are over  101 uses of a blog as well as many ways of generating dollars from your blog. I will say this: if you don’t have a blog, you are in the dark. People are generating good amount of money everyday just from blogging, even from social media where you keep wasting your time and data making money for Zuckerberg. There is money on internet; I mean good, large, legal money. Don’t be confused about the uses of a blog or methods of making money from a blog, there are many, I can’t explain all on this page, just click the Contact Us page. Chat me up and I will put you through. I may not respond on time but I will surely. Am always busy, so bear with me.
You are not a complete business person if you don’t have a strong online presence. Your blog will play an important part of that role for you . You need to advertise your business and services online such as a blog, just like the one you are reading now. Are you the type that likes and enjoy chatting, typing and reading interesting information or helping people solve problems? I will call you a blogger because they are parts of the qualities of a blogger.  
Why the delay huh? Let’s work together, hit me up, I will design a blog for you; it’s time to make your own money while sleeping in your bedroom. Become the new Lindaikeji or Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbonge blog. Don’t be told twice.

BLOG PROBLEMS FIXING/SEO SERVICES/BLOG TEMPLATES: We can help you fix your blog problems. Such as:

  • Making it available on search engines like Google.
  • Getting a custom domain, domain means your website’s url such as .com,, .net and so on.
  • I can help you with beautiful and responsive blog templates. You gonna love it. The template of this blog is even available, if interested, you can chat me up.
  • Whatsoever problem you encounter you can contact me. 

VIRTUAL MANAGER:  A virtual manager is someone who manages and maintains an  online presence, such as the facebook page, youtube channel, twitter handle of a company, Church, School etc. He/she is in charge of maintaining their social media handles/channels such as updating it with relevant informations. Most businesses today have abandoned social media channels. If you check, you will find out that some were updated since about 3 years ago. Though it may not be their fault, it may be due to time. The work may be too tight. You will also find out that most famous business, companies are strongly maintaining an online presence such as Tecno, Ice Box, MTN etc. This is made easy because  they have someone who is in charge of that job. Such person is called a Virtual manager.
Are you in need of a serious virtual manager? Someone who is punctual, reliable and will serve with dedication? You can hit us up for that. We have experts in that field.

FREELANCE WRITER: As a freelance writer, the service we offer are Blogging services. You own a blog but you are stuck of ideas to write about, you feel reluctant to pick up that phone or Laptop and start typing/making research, you don't have time to blog; We can help you solve that problem, bringing your dead blog back to life. We've worked for several bloggers. Contact us today and thank us tomorrow.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT/DESIGN: We can help you develop a website that will be responsible on all devices. Any kind of website, be it that of a school, e-commerce, forum etc. Contact Us today.

EBOOKS: It means books you read on electronic devices like PC’s, Smartphones etc. You read to gain knowledge right? So we’ve compiled a list of ebooks written by Professionals & experts in the game  for you to read and fully understand how to do the following:

  • Blogging
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This ebook will teach you how to make your website easily searched for in Google, high rank in Google. It takes hardwork for a website to be easliy searched for and accessed through search engines like Google. Any website that is not available in google shouldn’t be called a website(winks).
  • Pogramming on any Computer Language.
  • Web development/design.
GRAPHIC DESIGN/ART WORK:  You need a medium to advertise your brand/business. It can be made possible with a quality designed banner/Flier made by us. Most times your artwork describes what you have to sell out. It kinda describes the level of your business.
To artists reading this, your music artwork plays a very vital role in your song promotion. If you have a very good song with a poorly designed art cover; assuming your song is to get 50,000 downloads, sincerely speaking it won’t get up to 5,000 downloads. Good music  artworks portrays good music.  So you now know what your song is lacking behind upon it’s quality mixing and production. Contact Us today for a quality artwork design. We’ve worked for Churches,  Artists, Web designers, many people.

ICT/E-CONSULTANT : You can feel free to consult us on any of our services listed above. Do you need an advice? How to? What to avoid? We are here for you. We’ve helped so many so you can’t be an exception. Don’t dull, Contact us today and thank us tomorrow.

BLOGGING TUTORIALS: Are you tired of reading e-books on how to blog or reading my long tutorial messages about blogging?  So you’ve been wishing to get someone who will tutor you physically to avoid the boringness of reading and reading without understanding. Congratulations dear! It is possible. We can meet physically. You just contact me, so we can book an appointment.

I can assure you that no matter the amount you spend on blogging, you will surely get your money back in many folds but with seriousness and not laziness. There are various sources of income under blogging alone not to even talk of online business which is the umbrella of blogging.
Thanks for reading. Please keep visiting and sharing Realityblog360 posts on social media. We love and appreciate you. Wishing you the best. Cheers!

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